Jermaine has been working in fitness for over 15 years and has an active background playing basketball, football and boxing. Jermaine specialises in weight management and strength & conditioning programming. He has a BSc (Hon) in physiology and is an advanced level 3 personal trainer.

Jermaine is a goals oriented personal trainer that continually sets personal goals for himself, ensuring that he and his clients are always at the top of their game. Many people are a long way from their comfort zone when it comes to the gym. However, Jermaine aims to be understanding, helping those who at first may feel apprehensive, to quickly start feeling completely at home and inspired to achieve their goals.

Jermaine’s biggest bug bear is the belief that becoming fitter and healthier can be achieved with shorts cuts using fad diets and with little to no effort using the various gimmicks we have on the market. Jermaine’s belief is that every significant reward in life is achieved through challenges and hard work. Working with Jermaine will give you the opportunity to learn, and become empowered to regain back control of your health and fitness, whilst also enjoying a balanced diet and a lifestyle that promotes vitality.