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We offer a range of training sessions for beginners, intermediate and experienced gym users at CityFitHub.

Whatever your goals are, we will ensure you achieve them in a healthy and sustainable way. We’ll provide you with a tailored programme that
will detail everything you need to do and support you, every step of the way. It will be fun, but we will push you at just the right level and keep you accountable.

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The most effective way to lose weight is to make changes and exercise so that they become part of your daily routine. The calories coming in need to be lower than the calories going out. You can achieve this through careful eating and regular exercise.

There’s no point in starving yourself or suddenly spending hours exercising. You need to lose weight at a safe and sustainable rate (around 0.5-1.0kg a week) for it to be healthy and effective. We’ll give you all the help and guidance you need to ensure that you lose weight the right way





It takes training, nutrition and rest to effectively build muscle. In the gym you need to isolate the muscles, work them at different angles and progressively overload them. It is only once they are completely fatigued and unable to contract at the end of the session, will they develop.

We’ll work with you through your programme, but also give you the guidance and advice you need to follow when you leave the gym. You won’t just look even better, you’ll have more energy, a better immune system and improved mental health.


If you would like to increase muscle strength rather than muscle mass, we offer strength training at our fitness studio in Barbican. Our personal trainers will supervise your higher intensity workouts and ensure you stay on track with close supervision and record keeping.

There are a number of benefits to strengthening your muscles. You will burn fat, increase metabolism and improve your flexibility. We’ll also provide you with close support so you know which foods to eat and avoid when you’re not in the gym.






Your core is where power is generated in your body and includes the hips, glutes and abdominals. Core muscles are often neglected by people, but a strong core supports the spine. A stronger core equals a stronger body, helping you to push, pull and lift in a healthy way.

If you have a weak core, you may find yourself suffering from lower back pain, and you will also be more susceptible to injury. The Core Stability programme will challenge your core muscles, increase flexibility and improve your posture.








Activities that lengthen and stretch your muscles have been shown to reduce the risk of injuries. A well stretched muscle is able to achieve a full range of motion. This support your athletic performance but also your everyday activities such as walking, running and getting up.

There are a number of flexibility exercises that focus on different parts of your body, and flexibility training will guide you through these. After the programme you will find yourself stronger and with improved posture and balance.




HIIT is the perfect programme if you’re short on time. It involves short bursts of vigorous exercise at regular intervals and lasts just 20-30 minutes. If you find yourself bored or losing focus in the gym, HIIT training will provide a welcome change of pace.

The high intensity of HIIT training means that you will burn a lot of calories in a short time. Some studies show that your metabolic rate increases and you continue to burn calories quickly even after your session is over. 


The goal of functional training is to help your body perform better, so you’re better at activities outside of the gym. Through the programme you will be able to prepare for serious physical events but also everyday functions such as walking or running.

Most functional exercises will mimic everyday movement patterns such as pulling, pushing and squatting. These exercises will improve your mobility, boost your performance and help reduce the risk of injuries.





If you’re looking for a high intensity workout that will burn calories fast, kickboxing at CityFitHub is the programme for you. It is a full body workout that will build your stamina, strength and fitness. It is a great exercise for all ages and will improve your body in a number of ways.

Studies have shown that kickboxing will improve your cardiovascular heath, develop muscle strength as well as decrease your body fat. Your mental health and confidence will improve, and you’ll feel extremely satisfied at the end of every kickboxing session you finish.







If you want to achieve your body or fitness goals, you cannot neglect your diet. The food you eat plays a critical role in how your body functions. If you’re unsure how to properly read labels on products and what snacks to avoid or eat, we can give you the right guidance.

Don’t waste your time on fad diets. You should eat healthily but you should also be able to treat yourself now and again. It’s only worth making changes if they are permanent and we’ll make sure you can do it.



 If you would like further information about our programmes at our fitness studio in Moorgate, please get in touch with us at CityFitHub.